John W. Kerns, L.L.C. – Felony, Misdemeanor, and DUI Representation

Kansas Criminal Defense Firm

Our law firm, John W. Kerns, L.L.C., is an experienced, respected and professional law firm located in Lawrence, Kansas. Criminal defense attorney John W. Kerns represents individuals charged with all crimes in the state of Kansas. John provides zealous defense against federal, state, and municipal charges and has successfully represented individuals charged with the most serious crimes.

At John W. Kerns, L.L.C. in Lawrence, Kansas, John is passionate about the law, legal process and criminal defense. We appreciate, understand, and hold dear this country’s constitutional protections. We regularly practice before Federal and State courts throughout Kansas.

Dedicated Criminal Defense

John W. Kerns, L.L.C. is exclusively dedicated to the practice of Kansas criminal defense. In more than 14 years of practice, John Kerns has been solely dedicated to criminal defense since law school graduation and has conducted more than sixty felony jury trials in Federal and State court to verdict along with numerous misdemeanor trials.

Mr. Kerns has represented individuals facing complex, high-level charges including first-degree murder, attempted murder, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, rape, drug possession, distribution and conspiracy, human trafficking, harboring illegal aliens, securities fraud, and felony DUI charges. John Kerns established his firm to provide vigorous criminal defense representation with compassion and understanding for everyone charged with any crime.

At Home in the Courtroom

Raised in Kansas since youth, John Kerns has strong ties to the legal community. For over 14 years we have defended the entire range of criminal defense cases from misdemeanors to murders and have navigated courtrooms throughout Kansas.

John Kerns is a knowledgeable, experienced and passionate advocate as a result of his lifetime sole dedication to criminal defense. John Kerns has devoted his entire career to protecting the constitutional rights of criminal defendants and vigorously defending clients in Federal, state and municipal courts.

Our Experience

John W. Kerns is a strong advocate whose paramount concern is the welfare of his clients. John is adept at exploiting weaknesses from the initial investigation stage to the case being filed, including issues of junk science, credibility, bias, investigation errors and unlawful procedure. Our experience and dedication are reflected in our Kansas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers lifetime memberships.

Our Clients

Facing a criminal charge can be a life-changing event, with fortune, freedom, and life itself at stake. We are committed to close and collaborative relationships with our clients. We strive to protect them through one of the most stressful time in their lives.

When clients’ rights have been violated, our firm passionately argues all necessary and applicable pretrial motions to suppress evidence and dismiss charges. John Kerns has no “case managers” handling delegated matters, but instead personally argues all matters in court on behalf of his client.

Our Lawrence, Kansas Office

The office of John W. Kerns, L.L.C. is modern, classic, equipped with the latest technology and designed for modern criminal defense. Located in Downtown Lawrence, the office is easily accessible from every corner Kansas. For a confidential consultation with John W. Kerns, L.L.C. call (785) 856-2228 or send us an e-mail.